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Certified International Management Professional (CIMP, Level 1)

Certified International Management Professional (CIMP, Level 1)
Globalization represents a revolutionary integration of capital, technology and information across national boarders in a way that is creating a single global market and, to some degree, a global village. While globalization is of greatest concern to businesses and agencies working transnationally, globalization trends affect all businesses whether or not they are truly global. The International Manager certifications are designed for the sophisticated manager with extensive work experience seeking advanced instruction in issues related to globalization. The program provides the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to manage successfully in a rapidly changing, multicultural and multinational environment.
The certification program has three major objectives. They are:
1. To provide sound knowledge of globalization concepts from the perspective of all business management disciplines 
2. To provide skills related to working effectively in the multicultural, multinational, business world that globalization is creating. 
3. To provide an opportunity for making a contribution to the globalization knowledge base through completion of the required doctoral project. 
Candidates in this certification program are expected to be highly motivated, disciplined, self-starters. 
The unique delivery modality allows this program to be offered on-site at any company or governmental agency that wishes to bring the program directly to its employees.  In addition, the program can be given online, using Blackboard or another online learning courseware. These delivery modes can increase student and company convenience by reducing travel time, missed work hours and incidental costs that normally accrue to students. 
This Certification Program is a core certification program of the American Certification Institute.  This program offers the designation of CIMP (Certified International Management Professional) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE (IPMBOK). 

Modules for Certification 
Module 1 Globalization 
This module sets the stage for the entire program. It provides an overview of the phenomenon of globalization and investigates its history.  The impact of globalization on countries and individual businesses will be discussed. Key drivers for the globalization process technology, global capitalism, global finance, etc. are reviewed.
Module 2 Understanding and Using Technology 
Technology, particularly the Internet and related communications is increasingly a key to the globalized world we live in.  This module provides an in depth investigation of technology, focusing on providing students with a high-level of skill in using web and web-based technologies.  E-commerce, web-design and practical skill development are emphasized.
Module 3 Global Marketing 
This module is designed to develop marketing concepts and skills in a global context.  The course focuses on international marketing theory and practice from the general manager’s perspective. It also addresses the kinds of things businesses need to do to respond to constantly shifting world-marketing requirements. The module also addresses applying marketing tools and research in an international context.
Module 4 Global Economics 
This module focuses on understanding the anonymous transnational, homogenizing, standardizing market forces that make up today’s globalizing economic system. It includes international trade practice and policy. It reviews the impact of different factors on the international economic environment including shifting national boarders, the spread of global capitalism, and interlinked exchange rates. 
Module 5 International Information Technology Management
This module addresses the use of technology in developed and developing countries. The application of technology as a tactical and strategic competitive advantage will be reviewed. Specific transnational issues in adopting and using technology will be addressed including cross-cultural views of technology; the impact of infrastructure on technology; and the acquisition and implementation of complex information technology projects in various countries.
Module 6 Global Business Operations 
This module explores the factors that influence international businesses in selecting, establishing and operating a manufacturing or service business effectively. These factors include: workforce selection and training, identifying and satisfying logistical requirements, work process design, meeting regulatory requirements, and total quality improvement. The course emphasizes the need to think globally, and take international factors into account, when it comes to the operations of any business.
Module 7 International Finance 
This module reviews the international financial environment including the role of the various financial markets in the operation of businesses worldwide. International financial practices and standards are addressed. The module also provides and overview of international banking. 
Module 8 International Business and Trade Law 
This module reviews how the legal systems in various countries impact how business is conducted in those countries as well as how international trade is managed. Trade, licensing, investment and copyright laws are addressed. The module focuses on how legal issues impact the individual manager from a practical perspective.

Exam questions are multiple choice. The multiple choice examinations include questions relating to definitions, understandings of concepts, discussion of the relative merits of various issues, as well as development of approaches to hypothetical situations. A list of sample questions is available from the American Certification Institute.

Professional Designations
Successful candidates are granted the designation of CIMP. The designation CIMP may be used just as similar recognitions are employed in accounting, insurance, medicine, law, and other professions. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual's name on business cards, stationery, etc.

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