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Dr. LeRoy H. Graw, EdD., CHRMC, CIPTC, CIPN, is the founder and CEO of the  American Certification Institute.  He has an international reputation as a Seminar Leader and Consultant in Business Management; Federal , State, and Local Government Procurement; Commercial Contract Formation and Contract Administration; Subcontract Management; Cost and Price Analysis; Negotiations; International Purchasing; Service Contracting; Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, and Contract Writing. With over 46 years of experience, he offers both an academic and practical approach to business administration, procurement, contract management, and supply chain management through his experience as an Army Procurement and Logistics Officer, as an Unlimited Warrant Federal Contracting Officer, and as a Contracts Manager and Purchasing Manager for Government Contractors and private sector manufacturers. Dr. Graw has a Bachelor of Science degree from the US Military Academy at West Point, A Master of Commerce (MBA) degree from the University of Richmond (Virginia), and a Doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Southern California.  Dr. Graw has trained students in 20 different countries and is considered one of the top 10 instructors in the world in the fields of Business/Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. 

Kevin Wheeler, CHRM, CHRME is an entrepreneur, teacher, consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as a noted author. He has founded a number of organizations including the Future of Talent Institute, Global Learning Resources, Inc. and the Australasian Talent Conference, Ltd. The Future of Talent Institute provides research, white papers, and a forum for senior talent leaders to learn, discuss, and share with each other their best practices, success stories and problems. In 1998, he founded and is the President of Glob- al Learning Resources, Inc. which focuses on helping organizations architect long lasting and flexible talent strategies. Kevin’s consulting practices takes him all over the globe where he sees, firsthand how the impact of economics, education, diversity, and age affects talent and how it is valued and appreciated. He is the author of hundreds of articles on talent management, career development, recruiting, human capital, leadership and on corporate universities and learning strategies. He works in a wide variety of countries.His latest book is entitled The Corporate University Workbook: Launching the 21st Century Learning Organization. He is currently writing a book on the future of talent acquisition.He has served as adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Sathya Menon, PhD, MBA, CIPTC, FCIPS, FCILT, FCMI, CPM, CISCM, CPPM, CICCM is a trailblazer in logistics and supply chain education in the Middle East.
He has 25 years of experience (including consulting and training) in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing.
He has worked with various MNCs like Ericsson, Compaq and large conglomerates like Samtel, Al Futtaim helping them to expand their Supply Chain operations.
He has personally trained more than 30,000 professionals in the field of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain.

Percy J Engineer, CRMP, CIPC, CPP, CHRMC is a seasoned professional highly regarded as an influencer and a facilitator of change enhancing and contributing towards the development of multi-cultural professionals across the globe. He was a part of many transformational initiatives including vendor sourcing and setting up new Procurement Policies & Procedures in a corporate career spanning over 20+ years. He is recognized for contributing to the long-term goals around businesses and people development with prime focus on business process improvement. Several organizations have benefitted from his expert guidance for building agile supply chains, implementing best practices in procurement and optimizing warehouse operations. Having associated with Blue Ocean for the last 12 years, Percy was instrumental in guiding the institute towards the successful achievement of its strategic goals. 

John Ellis, CHRM, CHRMC has a lifetime’s experience in training and more than 40,000 people have attended his courses from around the world. He is the founder of Ellis Capital Partners, a company in the UK with investment funds available of 750 Million US Dollars. He is a Board Advisor to 7 companies advising on strategy for company expansion. Being a qualified business coach and executive mentor, he has guided several organizations and individuals to thrive in the business world. He is the author of several books and has presented insights on different issues on popular television channels including the BBC and Sky TV. 

Rajesh Bhandari, MBA, CPPM, CIPC, CICCM, CSSGB, CISCC is a supply chain, procurement and contracts professional with more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner, manager, consultant, public speaker and trainer. His approach integrates training and consultancy, value analysis and business process re-engineering. He has helped several organizations to harness the skills of their employees and achieve long-term goals. He ensures that professionals are able to apply supply chain knowledge in real-life scenarios, align between business strategy, supply chain strategy and departmental levels and earn better profit margins from purchasing and sourcing operations.The training sessions conducted by Rajesh are appreciated for the interactivity and the focus on enabling trainees to achieve their learning goals.

Grace Callister, MA, CHRP, CHRM, CICSP, CIPT, CIPTM is a proven Business Disruptor with more than 20 years’ experience in Human Resource, Business Excellence and Logistics. She worked for a variety of organizations in the UK, UAE and the Philippines.  Well-versed in all facets of Strategic HR Management, Training, Customer Service and Administration, Grace is also experienced in Logistics Management and Quality Systems. Grace is a certified QMS Lead Auditor and UAE KHDA Certified Trainer.  She is currently the Director of Human Resource and Training at iQuBETS, Course Director at the American Certification Institute (ACI), Business Development Consultant at Hurey HRIS and a Global Ambassador & Vice President of Fame Times International Excellence Awards LLP.

Li Li CIPT, CIPTM, CIPTC,  the Dean of China ZhiLian Keywork  College, the chief mentor and trainer of ACI’S Training Management Series Certification Programs,  has 18 years of working and consulting experience in different environmental management work in state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises. All the experience is concentrated in"3E consulting organization capacity building", is committed to guiding enterprises implement simple and efficient strategy "the enterprise output per head + employee competencies" ascension, lead the team to provide performance and HR management consultation for hundreds of enterprises in more than 10 years .


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